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Hey guys, I'm Howard Gilbey and I'd like to welcome you to my web site, Create Your Own Mosaic Tiles. The totally cool, totally awesome web site that's totally devoted to all types of tiles. But specifically mosaic tiles. OK, so you get the idea, I'm fairly fired up about tiles. I remember going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico about 15 years ago and seeing how my hotel room was decorated by these beautiful tiles. I realized that someday when I had my own house, I would use mosaic tiles as my main flooring. And over the years I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the subject; knowledge that I'd like to share with you. So please take your time and take a look around. And if you have any questions, please drop me a line. Thanks!

Get a Clean Mosaic Tile

Well as much as everyone is crazy about tiles, it is not everyone who knows how to clean them. You should never complain about a poor quality mosaic tile yet you did not do well in terms of maintenance.

So how does one go about cleaning a mosaic tile and what do they need to do so effectively. Cleaning a mosaic tile is not only about aesthetic value but it is also about your health. Mosaic tiles that are found in the kitchen, bathroom or basically on the floor have the capability of storing a lot of germs. One should therefore clean a mosaic tile well so that their home is not only beautiful but also safe.

Speaking of the cleaning materials to be used on a mosaic tile the following will be necessary;

1. Baking soda
2. Water
3. A toothbrush
4. Vinegar
5. Sponge
6. Soap

Most mosaics are ceramic thus they contain elements of calcium so do not worry about the toothbrush simply because the marble or ceramic tiles in your home share the same elements with your teeth.

Now the next thing that you need to do when cleaning a mosaic tile is to make a paste using water and the baking soda. The next thing is to place the paste in the mosaic tile grout and allow the tiles to soak in the paste for some fifteen minutes. Now take out the toothbrush and scrub the grout taking care to follow the mosaic pattern.

After doing a good scrubbing on your mosaic tile or mosaic tiles rinse them properly with clean water. You will then need to wipe the mosaic tile surface with a sponge that has been dipped in soapy water. It is advised that if the soap and water do not get rid of the grime in your mosaic tile then spray your tiles with vinegar and then wipe them. Speaking of wiping one should ensure that they wipe the surface of a mosaic tile well and ensure that it is totally dry. This is necessary to prevent accidental falling that maybe very injurious.

If your tiles are made of glass you can use all the above materials but not the tooth brush. You will need a lot of water cleaning a glass mosaic tile so that no ugly marks are left behind. It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness and when it comes to a mosaic tile, cleanliness is beauty in a hygienic way.

Mosaic Tile Art

Do you love mosaic tile art? Are you one who cannot resist admiring how some people have magically transformed their homes with mosaic tile art? Well, you can also do the same with your home. Do not worry about the amount of money in your bank account because mosaic tile art is unique and cheap.

So, how does one get to have mosaic tile art in their home? You simply need the following;

2-A hammer
4-An old towel
5-Finger bandages
6-A container

There is nothing as bad as having gold and not knowing how to use it, the same way some people have great tiles in their homes but the patterns do not display proper mosaic tile art. That is why you should look for interesting patterns and colors. After getting good patterns and colors it is time to get the tiles.

You can go to the local home improvement store and get some broken tiles at a discounted price. One thing that people should stop doing is limiting the use of mosaic tiles to the floor. Mosaic tile art is very wide. That is why it is important that you decide what kind of project you want to undertake using mosaic tile art.

Find a flat place to place your broken tiles as such a surface will enable you to crack them well. A concrete surface like the one in your garage would serve the purpose quite well. Now take the old towel and ensure that it is large enough then place your tiles in it with the colored side facing down. Put on your goggles and hold the hammer then start cracking. After cracking the tiles open the towel and sort them out in terms of color, size and shape.

One should note down the following;

1-Go to the local library and find out if they have stocks of books on mosaic tile art by artists.
2-Choose tiles that complement your home decor.
3-The finger bandages should be worn just in case you get any cuts.
4-Do not leave broken tiles lying around carelessly since they are sharp and can cause serious cuts.
5-Always break tiles on a concrete surface because doing so on a non-concrete surface will cause damage.

You can make wonderful things like vases through mosaic tile art which in turn you can even sell on eBay. So, learn all you can about mosaic tile art, the materials and items that you will need to have more mosaic tile art products so that you continue to make mosaic tile art items that warm the heart.